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RitualCravt School is an eclectic community of paths and traditions to guide you with skill and wisdom towards the consciousness of your own transformation, willful intent, and virtues. We are rooted in Denver, Colorado and host a full staff of credible, vetted teachers as well as trusted guest teachers whom we work closely with. It's our priority to hold true to these professional standards and code of ethics.
As we continue to grow as a community, we are pleased to now provide our school online and wish to invite you to explore our synergistic library of classes and workshops.

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As Above, So Below- The Astrological Anatomy of the Body

Sacred Art: Crafting Spell Mirrors With Medusa


Shadow Work and Astrology


Intuitive Drawing

Pagan Mens Group: The Kings Ascension


Ides Moon Ritual


Intro to Tea Blending

Flower Medicine Ceremony -Xochitlpatli

Solomonic Magic


Astrology Series: Beyond the Basics Part 2


Intuitive Drawing

Urban Candle Magic

Honoring the Sacred Fire – Creating The Womb With Clay

Fundamentals of Seance-Learning to Contact The Dead

Yoga for Witches


Breaking the Binary of the Tarot Court


Fundamentals of Conjuration

Qliphoth Shadow Work

Guadalupe/ Santa Maria– The Sacred Folk Magic and Cosmic Manifestations of the Divine Feminine

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Sterling Moon

Sterling is passionate about helping others find inspiration and guidance through tarot, communication with spirits, and old timey folk magic.

Sterling has been reading tarot since 1995 and began offering readings and teaching professionally in 2013. She doesn’t shy away from the trope of fortune teller. Sterling specializes in future-based readings. She’s had the ability to connect with spirits of the dead and the natural world since childhood and has been practicing folk magic since 2014. She is particularly influenced by her practice of and studies in the Scandinavian tradition of Trolldom. Sterling’s spirit communication style is a unique blend of classic mediumship techniques, folk magic, and paranormal investigation strategies.

Sterling also had a 20 year career as a professional advocate for survivors of crime prior to and holds a Masters Degree in Advocacy and Political Leadership. Her work as an advocate is a lifelong calling.

Connect with Sterling at or on Instagram @sterlingmoontarot.

Samuel McCabe

Samuel McCabe is a visual artist, educator and tarot reader at Ritualcravt.

Samuel McCabe is a visual artist, educator and tarot reader at Ritualcravt. They have over fifteen years of
experience with ceremonial magic in group and solitary settings. They offer classes in ceremonial magic,
demonology and grimoire magic. Their classes are founded on their personal research into the historical and
anthropological origins and methods of magic. Samuel teaches using a project-based approach that
inspires creativity and independence in their  students. You can follow and connect with Samuel via
Instagram @thepeacockgrimoire

Leah Samuels

Leah Samuels, creator of Moonlight Offerings, is enthralled with the ancient language of astrology.

Leah Samuels is the creator of Moonlight Offerings. Leah approaches your astrology chart with a compassionate and lunar lens, working as an intuitive guide through the many phases and transitions life brings. Leah is a queer astrologer, artist, and educator. Her practice is inspired by psychology, magick, myth, and healing. Moonlight Offerings astrology readings combine psychic insight, astrology, and tarot to help you align with your personal gifts, power, and innate knowledge. Leah originally trained under the late author and astrologer Kelly Phipps in 2012, and is dedicated to ongoing learning and study. She holds degrees in visual art & education, which also inform her practice and perspective. Leah was a teacher before she was an astrologer, and she’s honored to combine these two skill sets to offer astrology classes & workshops to you. Come sit with her at Ritualcravt and learn more at Connect with Leah via Instagram @moonlight_offerings.

Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez is a board-certified Doctor of Natural Medicine who walks the traditional healing and spiritual path of Curanderismo.

Lisa Martinez is a board-certified Doctor of Natural Medicine who walks the traditional healing and spiritual path of Curanderismo. This path can be described as a multifaceted blend of healing practices from the past and present that include indigenous folk medicine modalities from Mesoamerica to Africa and it strongly influenced by Spanish Spiritualism and Judaism. Her family roots are from Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado where curanderismo was and still is an enriching and common way of life. Lisa’s grandmothers were her biggest influences providing her a lifelong apprenticeship. These teachings lead to the development of sacred connections with plants, stones and spiritual practices that are used to help others in their journey to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Private sessions with Lisa are holistic and intuitive in nature and are personalized to include the body-mind-spirit connection in conjunction with the cosmic energies, ancestors, santos, angels, and guides. Her therapies and modalities utilize a variety of traditional techniques such as platica (heart to heart conversation), body work, sacred plants, aromatherapy, dream analysis and use of obsidian to encourage and engage the body’s innate healing response. Her practice also includes limpias (spiritual cleansings) and end of life transitions.

Lisa is a registered Psychotherapist with the State of Colorado. She is a student of La Maestra Clarissa Pinkola Estés and has attended many years of her trainings via the Archetypal and Cross Cultural Studies Institute. She is also a participant of The International Collaboration of Indigenous Healers, Curanderos, Sanadores y Shamans which originated in the sacred mountains of the Tepoztlan Valley in Mexico.

When able, Lisa supports clinical sites and community outreach operations in collaboration with others in the Denver Metro area providing culturally based services and education.  You can follow Lisa on Instagram @Itzpapalotl74

Renna Shesso

Renna Shesso is a shamanic healing practitioner and teacher, professional tarot reader, priestess of the Craft, and writer.

She began exploring magical knowledge-paths as a young adult, learning astrology from her grandmother, and has expended her interests exponentially in the decades since then. In addition to her own self-published zines on magical workings, Renna is the author of Planets for Pagans and Math for Mystics (both published by Weiser Books). While privileged to study with many fine teachers, she turns to Nature Herself as the ultimate teacher and healer. Learn more about Renna and her work at

Michelle VanderHouwen

Michelle VanderHouwen is the owner of Oak and Hawthorn and provides the plant babies for Ritualcravt’s annual plant sale.

Throughout all her years, she has studied art as a window into Spirit and the psyche, and Nature has been her church. Michelle believes that our hands are magnificent communicators. When we let them dig, sculpt, draw, scrape, tie and sew, we are sending messages to and from Heart Center. Our hands, full of sensation but devoid of reasoning, can create pure, honest prayer. In Michelle’s classes she teaches, with a variety of tools, different ways of accessing Spirit using our hands and hearts. Her goal is to help us all access the knowing we had at birth. Michelle is deeply knowledgeable about the spiritual wisdom of nature, studied Shamanic Herbalism with Darcey Blue, and walks with the soul of a Witch. Discover her creations at and connect with Michelle via Instagram @oakandhawthorn

Kaedrich Olsen

Kaedrich Olsen has been an ardent student of Old Norse literature and spirituality, concentrating upon the runes and various esoteric paradigms from an early age.

Kaedrich Olsen author of Runes for Transformation and founder of GaldraKraft, has been an ardent student of Old Norse literature, runes and mysticism for 30 years. Building upon the wisdom from the Viking rune masters, he has developed practical techniques for transforming one’s life. The people he helps learn to connect with and become the embodiment of their own higher being. In doing so, they surmount the blocks which have prevented them from achieving their ideal lives and become the creators of their own greatest reality.

Dr. Samuel Nez

Dr. Samuel Nez is Diné (of the Navajo Nation) and Mexica, born and raised near Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation and incorporates the healing traditions from both sides of his family.

Dr. Samuel Nez is Diné (of the Navajo Nation) and Mexica, born and raised near Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation and incorporates the healing traditions from both sides of his family. Over the years, Samuel has traveled and studied with traditional healers, curanderos/curanderas, shamans and medicine men and women in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. He developed a relationship with the sacred fire at a young age and has been a firekeeper for the temezcal and inipi sweat lodges for many years.

As a board-certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and a practitioner of Curanderismo he utilizes a variety of therapies and modalities in his private practice. Samuel is also a Registered Psychotherapist with the State of Colorado and a certified NADA Acu-Detox Specialist.  He is a student of La Maestra Clarissa Pinkola Estés and has attended many years of her trainings via the Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute. Samuel is also a participant of the International Collaboration of Indigenous Healers Curanderos, Sanadores and Shamans which originated in the Sacred Mountains of Tepoztlan Valley in Mexico.

You can follow Samuel on Instagram @samzen812

Genie Hobbs

Genie Hobbs is a shamanic practitioner, ceremonialist and psychotherapist here in Denver.

She has studied for more than 17 years with The PowerPath in Santa Fe. Her shamanic experiences include deep personal work with indigenous healers from the Huichol, Q’ero and Shipibo traditions. She combines new thought with ancient indigenous wisdom to support a connection to your heart, inner wisdom, and personal power. She is also a board member for the Society for Shamanic Practice. Follow her on Instagram: @theshamanicway

Naomi Brodner

Naomi is an avid dreamer, oil painter, and mystical Jewish witch.

She has been channeling prophetic dreams and making artwork as long as she can remember. Using meditation, guided imagery, active imagination and the expressive arts Naomi can help guide you in working with the unique visual metaphors of your dreams and nightmares. Bringing dreams to life through artwork creates space for the depths of the soul to be expressed and honored. Her authentic, accessible and down to earth approach can gently bring deep aspects of psyche to the surface. In letting the images speak we can access our own ancient and intuitive wisdom. Dreams are multi-dimensional; they encompass our deepest fears, collective human experience, and talented creative spirit. Whether you have many dreams to work with or a single powerful one, learning to tap into this well of psychic information can accelerate growth and transformation. You are most welcome to attend her dreamwork groups at Ritualcravt or contact her for individual dream divination and readings.

Jess Ellis

Jess is a Denver-based artist who creates small sculptures and jewelry using elements of nature.

Jess is an artist based in Denver, CO who creates imaginative miniature worlds honoring elements of nature and science. These sculptures contain magic in the form of preserved insects, bones, stones, moss, and plants. Inspired by the natural curiosity assemblages of the Victorian Naturalists and the Wildlife Halls of modern science museums, Jess hopes to inspire wonder, curiosity, and understanding for our natural world. Each piece she creates is a reminder of the beauty that lies in death and its importance in the cycle of life.

Jess teaches classes which stitch together magic, art, and science with an aim to inspire her students to to approach the world, and their practice, with endless curiosity.

Connect with Jess via Instagram @atropos_curios

Davidia Turner

Davidia is a Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Tarot Reader & Witch.

Davidia is a Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Tarot Reader & Witch. She believes in teaching Yoga and Reading Tarot in a way that serves to create a context for Inner Healing, Alignment, Connection and Expansion. Teaching others to use the feedback they receive from the body and the cards to gain clarity and presence. It’s about working with yourself and not against yourself. Davidia’s intention is to craft her Classes in a way that allows you to explore your innermost landscape connecting you to your magic, discovering your own Physical, Mental and Spiritual Information. The invitation is to then take the insights and guidance presented and utilize it to move forward.
She encourages students to be present with themselves where they are, while working to get to who they want to be.

Davidia’s work is informed by over seven years of professional experience with holding space for others, and years of her own personal healing work with her teachers, spirit and guides. Her classes weave together her knowledge of Yoga, Tarot, The Moon, Ritual and Witchcraft. Davidia offers up her work in service of the Community. She wishes to state explicitly that Healing work is for Everyone. The space that she holds aims to be as Accessible, Safe, Informed, Supportive, and Nurturing an environment as possible for those from and experiencing all walks of life.

Loretta Ledesma

Loretta Ledesma, founder of the Mile High Conjure Gala, is a Santisima Muerte devotee and practitioner of Conjure who has a deep relationship with the spirit world and the ancestral realms. 

She approaches the work from a Conjure tradition and a close, open relationship with the dead. Loretta walks her spiritual path openly and comfortably with the less freely-talked about workings and brings deep knowledge and experience of this strangely beautiful wisdom to her teachings. Loretta is a House Witch, teaches at  as well as co-runs the Ritualcravt School in Denver, Colorado. She is a Legacy student of the Conjure man Professor Charles Porterfield. She has  learned from and sits at the table with some of the most trusted elders and teachers in Conjure. Follow her on Instagram @thedeathwitch

Missy Johanna Rhysing

Missy Johanna Rhysing is the owner of Ritualcravt and is a Scandinavian-American practicing traditional Nordic folk spirituality and magic in Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota. She places great importance on honoring and reclaiming our root cultures as a means of remembering, reconstructing {especially for Americans}, and practicing the olde ways of our ancestors for magical and healing purposes.

Missy’s trainings include Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, soul parts retrieval, a variety of spellwork services and divination methods, trolldom, meditation, past life work, and folk herbal and nutritional support. She has developed her own small-batch line of creations called The Cult of Flowers, available on the Ritualcravt website. Forever a student, Missy is currently continuing trolldom studies and kulning and traditional song methods as a means of healing. She has been titled as Völva, or staff-carrying cunning woman, and holds that close to her heart with great honor. She carries deep gratitude for her many teachers, ancestors and community peers for the doors that have been opened to her and for the personal healing she has received as a result of these teachings and practices.

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