Awaken the Divine Masculine, Through Sacred Archetypes

Who are you? What is your place in the world? What are you even supposed to be doing here? These are the questions that we pagan men ask ourselves, every day.

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Dreaming 101 Course

Dreaming 101

Almost everyone dreams every single night. This class is for those who are curious to begin to dive into the realm of their dreams.

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From Demons to Daemons: Introduction to Nightmares and Shadow-work

This is an introductory course for those who want to dip their toes into shadow work. What is the shadow? How does this psychic energy show up in our dreams?

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Mile High Conjure Gala Series

Michele Jackson, Hoodoo Sen Moise, Professor Charles Porterfield, Doc Beverly Smith. Elders and teachers of the Conjure, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Folk Magic and ATR Traditions. Once a year these elders get together in Denver, Colorado to lift the veil and give insite into mysteries of Conjure.

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Grayscale Trees

Ritual Loading of Runes

Runes have long been used as tools for manifestation. They served as a means to unify one’s heart, mind and spirit.

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Cow skull in field

Singing Sacred Songs with Runes

Tap into your own sacred resonance and bring that forth into the world through the power of rune song.

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Sterling Moon - Tarot 101 Series

Tarot 101 Series

Whether you are reading for yourself or a friend, the art of tarot reading can be fun, powerful, and insightful.

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