Ritual Loading of Runes

In this online course,

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the secrets of rune ritual, hidden in ancient lore.
  • The exact steps used to load carved runes with intention, through sound and Will, to bring about the realization of your desires into the world.
  • A demonstration of the ritual process for loading runes with your own energy

We look to the literature to decode these ritual secrets, so that you have the secrets to loading the runes that the ancient rune masters want you to know.

Revealing those secrets will give you a definitive rune-loading ritual that will help you manifest your intentions and desires.

You will gain a powerful ritual, that you can bring to your gatherings, magical circles, or use with private magical workings.

All of the techniques covered in this course are easy to incorporate into your own workings.

With this practice, you will be able to begin manifesting your intentions right away.

3 Videos

  • Lore of Loading Runes
  • Process of Loading Runes
  • Ritual Demonstration

3 PDFs

  • Extracts from the Lore, with original translations
  • Details of the loading process, based on the lore
  • Steps used in the ritual you can use to begin manifesting, right away.

Bonus PDF – Evocation formulas for Norse gods and goddesses. Plus a list of 13 Norse Gods and 15 Norse Goddesses, including what the lore tells us that they are useful to call upon.

Meet Your Instructor

Kaedrich Olsen

Kaedrich Olsen author of Runes for Transformation and founder of GaldraKraft, has been an ardent student of Old Norse literature, runes and mysticism for 30 years. Building upon the wisdom from the Viking rune masters, he has developed practical techniques for transforming one’s life. The people he helps learn to connect with and become the embodiment of their own higher being. In doing so, they surmount the blocks which have prevented them from achieving their ideal lives and become the creators of their own greatest reality.

Course Lessons

Module 1: Lore


The Lore

Module 2: Process of Loading Runes

Module 3: Ritual Demonstration

Bonus Evocation Formulas for Norse Deities