The Tarot is a tool to illuminate our personal road maps. It overlaps many other disciplines, all expressed here though art. Specifically, this is art that delivers practical information wrapping in a sensory visual experience. As we craft an ever-stronger working alliance with the cards, magic happens.

We’ll explore:
— the Minor Arcana via the elements (Week 1)
— the Court Cards for identity and connection (Week 2)
— the Major Arcana with myths and archetypes (Week 3)
— alliance-deepening personal work (Week 4)
— reading the Tarot for yourself and for others, and for maximum personal creativity and well-being (Week 5).

This series is for beginners and beyond.
Please bring:
— Note-taking materials
— A Smith-Waite tarot deck (aka Rider-Waite-Smith, RWS). Ritualcravt carries several different versions, and I’ll have loaner decks on hand the first night, so you can see several before making your own choice.

The course includes:
Extensive handout pages
Hands-on practice with readings and exercises

Renna Shesso is a witch, tarot reader, shamanic practitioner, and author. She’s been reading cards professionally for over 20 years, and using tarot as a personal tool of exploration for much longer.